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Tuition Information

The actual cost for a Twelve Elements Academy education is around $17,500. However, due to generous donor support, we are able to lower the price of tuition to $10,500 per child/per year. 


The tuition price of $10,500 includes:


  • Daily yoga, meditation, crystal journal, and guide word journal

  • Foundational education in science, math, language arts, social studies, and foreign language

  • Synergistic courses on fine arts, cooking, science, media arts, and theatre

  • Daily organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low glycemic lunch and snack

  • All classroom supplies, books, and materials

  • All-day access to herbal tea, therapeutic essential oils, and crystals

Twelve Elements Academy receives no federal or state funding. In keeping with our mission of community engagement and transforming traditional education models, we look instead to alternative means of funding, such as fundraising, grants, and community support, among other sources.


Each year, we review and adjust tuition levels to take into account the impact of inflation on operational costs. We make it a priority to operate the school as cost effectively as possible without negatively impacting the quality of our students’ education. Our goal is to strengthen enrollment, retention, and fundraising so that the cost of tuition can be held at a minimum. Through parent involvement, commitment, and strong collaboration withTwelve Elements Academy development department, fundraising continues to be strong.


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