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This Just In! Herbal Arts

We are excited to announce that we have a new course, Herbal Arts!

First Day of Herbal Arts! Heading out to the wild.

Every Thursday, students will forage the banks of the nearby Bitterroot River and prowl the extensive greenhouses of ABC Acres for herbs of all kinds. Under the guidance of Seanette Holler, (also our yoga and meditation instructor) the class will learn all about the herb's history, properties, and habitat. Next they'll use these herbs to create salves, teas, and other natural products.

We've offered Herbal Arts for the past two years and it's one of our most popular classes.

From Seanette Holler, Herbs Instructor

I was a forger from such a early age. I was a child of Mother Earth and I learned how to live off the land as I ate all my breakfasts in my surrounding neighbors yards. I knew where all the berry patches, the fruit trees, the plum bushes, wild mushrooms and so on were located, and fearlessly feasted on their wealth. It was a innate wonderful connection, and in such I learned that we have food, medicine and friends in the earth and we are completely supported by them. There I found my love for the gifts that are given us by nature, and I always made it my go to when health problems and injuries occurred. When I had children my natural tendencies gave way to a need to understand more and fine tune my skills. That lead me to educating myself further on the medicinal qualities as well as the spiritual elements of plants, to benefit not just my family, but others in need of a little plant magic in their lives as well. From my own experience with natures gifts at such a young age, I am excited and passionate to share this with kids so they can strengthen their connection to the wonders in nature. We are provided with all the health, medicine and energetic support we need from Mother Earth, we just have to know how to look for it.

Students get a tour from Brett, ABC Acre's Head of Food Production.

ABC Acres Greenhouse

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