Crystal of the Month: Moss Agate

Crystals are one of the holistic tools we use here at Riverstone. Each month students receive a new one. Some tuck them into their blue velvet pouch, others keep them in their pockets, and yet others place them on their desk for inspiration.

This month's crystal is the beautiful Moss Agate, what we call "the Grounding Stone."

Moss Agate vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones so it has a calming, stabilizing, and strengthening affect. It balances emotional and intellectual energy, and promotes peace, helping one focus on one's task at hand...or, of course, school work. Moss Agate also at a stone of abundance and prosperity.

How to Use

  • Hold it for grounding or inner calm

  • Plant in a pot or flower bed to increase the health of plants

  • Carry in your pocket to soothe a temper

Did You Know?

Montana Moss Agate is considered by many to be the most powerful of agates and is said to ward off storms.

Montana Moss Agate

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